Glitter Dust + Luster Dust Bundle


Glitter Dust + Luster Dust Bundle


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Product description

What Is Glitter Dust?

Glitter Dust is a beautiful edible glitter and will turn any ordinary treat extraordinary!  All of our edible glitters use only FDA-approved ingredients and are 100% edible food-grade glitter!

Glitter Dust Overview

  • 100% edible & food grade; 100% FDA complaint
  • To use; simply sprinkle or dust directly onto food & desserts 
  • Not used to make edible paint; instead, use Luster Dust for this
  • Extremely shiny & hyper-pearlescent  
  • Larger particle to reflect light and give brilliance
  • Amazing glitter & sparkle effect

What Is Luster Dust?

Luster Dust is 100% edible also a much finer powder and our Luster Dust has incredibly brilliant pearlized tones! Cool Moms everywhere typically brush Luster Dusts on using an airbrush gun or hand brush, or you can mix them with a liquid to paint on their masterpieces!

Luster Dust Overview

  • 100% edible & food grade; 100% FDA complaint
  • Luster Dust can be applied to desserts, fruit, food as paint, or dry
  • Mix with vodka or lemon extract to make edible paint
  • Much finer particle to better mix with liquid to create paint
  • Perfect to use in airbrush guns as an edible paint

Included In Bundle:

Glitter Dust

- 1x Classic Green

- 1x Classic Red

- 1x Bright Gold

- 1x Silver

- 1x Rose Gold

- 1x Neon Pink

- 1x White Pearl

Luster Dust

- 1x Super Gold

1x Silver Pearl

- 1x Rose Gold

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